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“the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” is a family business, founded in 1989 on the Greek island of Corfu. The activities of the company were initially focused on commerce, but since then it has expanded its activities in producing high quality natural cosmetics based on Greek extra virgin olive oil. Today the company owns two retail outlets on Corfu, and it also focuses on wholesale and export activities. In 2007 the “the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” launched its first line of cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil used by “the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” is an extra virgin olive oil, as it is defined by the European Union. It is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, through cold extraction. Its acidity is extremely low, limited to MAX 0.3%, a characteristic that points out the exceptional quality of this olive oil making it one of the finest oils in the world. It is a truly superior olive oil with rich flavor and an intense fruity aroma, which reminds the scent of the oil during the pressing at the olive press. “the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” uses exclusively certified organic and edible olive oil, organic almond oil and organic Aloe Vera for its cosmetics, ingredients that have been used in the Mediterranean region since the antiquity for body care. All the products of the company contain environmental friendly ingredients and no harmful additives or preservatives. This way “the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” has launched to date four lines of natural cosmetics: “kumquat”, “Cedar & Kumquat”, “Opuntia Ficus & Argan”, and “Oil Therapy. The company has also launched two fragrances, and last but not least a line of olive oil soaps with natural herbs. The final products are designed to maximize the potency of all the ingredients used. You can find the products of our company in our Shops in Corfu, and you can also order them online, through our website. If you are interested in a cooperation with our company, please find the necessary information under the tab “Cooperation” and do not hesitate to contact us. Company information /*Description: thelandofCorfu–>

Company name: Konstantinos Diavatis

Commercial title: the land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS

Business activity: retail & wholesale / cosmetics trade – food supplements – herbal products

Combined Nomenclature of goods European Community: 3301 – 3302 – 3303 – 3304 – 3305 – 3306 – 3307 – 3401 / 1509 10 / 0511 99 31

Address: FILARMONIKIS 25 – 49100 – CORFU – Greece VAT number: 043207293 – KERKYRA – GREECE EORI number: GR 043207293


Physical Store:      25 FILARMONIKIS corner Online Shop:       www.thelandofcorfu.com

Our Factory:      Acharnes – Attika