The golden orange of Corfu

Kumquat is a small tree of the genus Fortunella in the flowering plant family Rutaceae. It comes from China, where it has been cultivated since the 12th century. Its name derives from the Cantonese Chinese “kam kwat”, which means golden orange, since its fruit looks like a very little orange. Like all the citrus fruits, kumquat is rich in vitamin A and C. The fruit is eaten whole, skin and all, and it has a sweet and sour taste. We find it usually cooked as a sweet delight, marmalade or liqueur.

In Greece Kumquat is mainly cultivated on the Greek island of Corfu. Kumquats are mostly grown in the northwest part of the island, near the village Nymphes, where the fertile water, the mild climate and the abundance of water are  the main factors that favored their growth. Corfu produces about 140 tones kumquat every year. Kumquat is protected by the European Union as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product (Kumquat Kerkyras).

Now, what is the relation between Corfu and China? Kumquat was brought on Corfu by the British botanist Sidney Merlin. He brought kumquats in Corfu in 1860 and cultivated them in a

field, which was named after his name, near the Corfiot village Dasia. Kumquat flourished in Corfu and Corfiot people took advantage of it. Since 1924 kumquat has been widely cultivated on the island providing the local market with a variety of products ranging from spoon sweets to perfumes and cosmetics.

Kumquat has aromatic and nutritional properties, is rich in vitamin C, A, B and 11 other vitamins, nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis. It contains folic acid, vitamin B2 and thiamin. It is rich in flavonoids, which act against hypertonia, and contains antioxidants. Last but not least, it is rich in limonene, an essential oil with anticancer properties.

“The land of Corfu NATURAL PRODUCTS” combined tradition with innovation and used the golden orange of Corfu in order to create its first line of cosmetics, the “Kumquat” line, combining the benefits of olive oil, almond oil and aloe vera with the freshness of Kumquat and the history of Corfu. Dο not hesitate to choose a body or face care product, which will bring to your home the aroma of this beautiful Greek island.

You will find a full catalog and information about our products under the tab “Kumquat” on our website, as well as in our Shops in Corfu.



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