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Balancing Cream
for Oiliness with Lakesis


Balancing Cream
for Oiliness with Lakesis

A gentle cream that regulates skin oiliness. Linseed extracts reduce sebum production, resulting in oiliness regulation. The blend of mastic and caprylic triglycerides (lakesis), scientifically proven to enhance the skin’s antioxidant activity by 50%, prevents premature cell aging. Phylagrinol and honey maintain hydration balance, leaving the skin firm and soft. Vitamin E provides the nourishment needed for the skin to replenish the lost elements during the day. Mastic oil, with its antibacterial action, protects sensitive oily skin, while green tea calms the skin, leaving it smooth and velvety to the touch.

How to use


Lakesis (a blend of Chios Mastic & caprylic triglycerides), Salicylic Acid, Kinetin, Flower Pollen, Soy Extract, Vitamin E, Linseed Extracts, Organic Honey*, Green Tea*, Yarrow*, Jojoba Oils*


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