(Hippspongia communis)

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Line: Sponges
Type: Sea Sponge
Weight: 10.6 g
Size: 5 Inches – 6 Inches

100% Natural Product

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Hippospongia communis

Among the Greek divers it is known as kapadiko. Hippospongia communis or simply honeycomb is the most popular sponge type. It originates from the Mediterranean Sea (mainly the Aegean Sea and the North Coast of Africa). It is almost spherical and thick and is usually dark brown. Its bottom surface, which adheres to the substrate, is rough. These sponges occur at depths between 9 and 80 meters. Honeycomb harvesting grounds are mainly located in the marine area of Crete, the Cyclades, Euboea and the Dodecanese. It is the king of sponges.

The shape, size and weight of the sponges may be slightly different from the photos, since a sea sponge is a 100% natural product.


9cm – 3.5 inch, 14cm – 5.5 inch

How to Use

Use this sponge with your soap or shower gel as a normal bath sponge. You can also use it as a cleaning tool for precious objects, since it does not destroy any surface it is used on.

Don’t use chlorine on the sponges, since it weakens their fiber and shortens their life.

Tip: For better preservation, please wash your sponge with plain water and hang it up to dry after every use.


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