Lammella Sponge
(Spongia officinalis meditteranea)

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Line: Sponges
Type: Sea Sponge

Size: 15 cm- 12 cm

100% Natural Product

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‘LAMELLA’ Spongia officinalis Mediterranea

Spongia agaricina (Pallas, 1766) or Spongia officinalis lamella (Scchulze,
1862). The spongers call it “lagophyto” or “spathuri” or “lafina” or “ear
elephant”. This sponge is one of the most beautiful among the wild ones
and the days. Its shape changes according to its age, while
the young forms are cup-like like the “melathi”. But according to
adult phase of his life the shape changes completely, it becomes
lamellar and fan-like. Its color, when caught by
The great depths are grey-blue and its diameter can exceed it
1 m. Prefers hard, coral substrates and usually
found at depths of about 60–100 m.

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15cm, 12cm


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