Phaeax Face Cream

19,50 inc. VAT

Net weight: 50 ml e – fl oz
Type of packaging: Plastic
Natural Content: 87 %


Day cream with efficient action against brown spots and active ingredients that moisturize, calm from irritations and firm skin.

Organic olive oil : Rich in Vitamins A,E and polyphenols, nourish and offers antioxidant protection.

Argan Stem Cells: Plant stem cells encapsulated in liposomes that penetrate deep skin levels and activate antiageing mechanisms.

Prickly pear extract: Acitve ingredient with 3 in 1 action, deeply moisturizes, soothes irritated skin, firms skin.

Prickly pear oil: It is rich in linoleic acid, deeply moisturizing, penetrates easily into the epidermis and gives a velvety feel.

Argan oil: It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, has antioxidant and antiageing action and helps skin preserve its elasticity.

Argan leaves extract: Prevents collagen breakdown and reinforces cutaneous structure for a firm and smooth skin.

Red algae: They contain xylose and galactose  that limit melanogenesis, reduce the synthesis of  the protein that is indispensable for the transport of melanosomes to keratinocytes and control the photoinduced pigmentation.


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